The Harbour Dance Studios intensive dance program is entering it’s eleventh year for the 2020/2021 season!  As one of the first and longest running programs in the province, we are very excited for our next season!  Our dancers have gone on to professional schools including the National Ballet, Royal Winnipeg BalletSchool of Contemporary Dancers, the Joffrey Ballet, Arts Umbrella, and others.

We have adjusted the format of the intensive dance programs for 2021/2022 to allow greater flexibility for the academic component of the program.  We have adjusted the timing of classes during the day so that students from bricks and mortar schools in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District (SD68) can attend during specific school blocks depending on their grades.  Students who wish to register with one of the distributed learning schools in BC like Navigate/NIDES (SD71), ConnectED (SD68), EBus (SD91), etc… can register with these schools and attend dance classes during the same blocks.  If you would like more information on the distributed learning school available in BC, please do not hesitate to ask.  We have experience with many of these schools.

Intensive Dance Classes

The students work with our certified dance teachers to improve their skills in ballet, pointe, modern, contemporary, jazz, lyrical jazz, acro and progressions. Given the rapid skills progression in this program, there is an active competitive element and the students attend multiple competitions throughout the year for both group and individual work.  The students form a close social group that is supportive and makes this program a great place to learn and grow as a dancer.

There are four groupings in the program that are based on a combination of age and skill level.  These groupings help to ensure that everyone progresses at a fast but sustainable pace.  Following are some examples of the accomplishments / grades needed for entry into each group, but other factor enter into the decision as well.

The Emerging Program – Grade 4 Ballet

The Intensive Program – Intermediate

The Accelerated Program- Advanced One

The Pre-Professional Program – Solo Seal

Entrance into the Program

Entrance to the dance portion program is by audition.  Dancers must exhibit an appropriate degree of skill for their age, be interested in dancing at a higher more intense level, and work well with others.


Auditions are closed for this season.