Studio Policies and Procedures

We will work hard to develop your child’s full dance potential while at the same time ensuring that their dance education is a fun and positive learning experience. All of our regular teaching staff are professionally certified, accredited and experienced in their respective disciplines. Instructors are referred to as Miss, Mrs., or Mr. followed by the instructors’ first name (e.g. Mrs. Stacey). This is a traditional term of respect in the dance world and we maintain this tradition at Harbour Dance Studios.

Class Placement

It is very important that all students are placed in a class that reflects their education, skill, and experience more so than their age. Even if students take similar classes all children develop differently it may be necessary to move a student to a more suitable class in order to meet all the students needs. Any moves will be discussed with the parent and the student and will take place within the first month of the dance season. If a student feels uncomfortable in the class that they are in, please notify us right away so we can do our best to fix the problem.

Fees (Regular Classes)

Fees are based on the total number of weeks in the dance season but are divided into monthly payments for everyone’s convenience. Fees do not include GST (sorry). All regular fees are to be made payable to Harbour Dance Studios Inc. and must be paid prior to June or the student will be unable to participate in the year-end show. There will be a $25.00 NSF charge for each returned cheque. In the event of two NSF cheques, only cash will be accepted. Overdue payments will be subject to a 2% surcharge monthly.

Fees (10-Week Sessions)

Fees are based on 10 weeks / session and we run three sessions per dance season.  All cheques are to be made payable to Harbour Dance Studios Inc.  There will be a $25.00 NSF charge for each returned cheque. In the event of two NSF cheques, only cash will be accepted. Overdue payments will be subject to a 2% surcharge. There are no refunds for missed classes.


Every student will require a costume for the year-end performance that is held in June at the Port Theatre. Costume prices can range anywhere between $65.00-$150.00 depending on the design and the US Dollar. The individual teachers are responsible for designing all costumes and will do their very best to keep the costumes affordable. A separate notice will be sent home to the parents via email informing them of their balance owing including seamstress fees and any props needed closer to competition or year-end show time. The studio will purchase all fabrics, notions etc. needed for all groups participating in competition or year-end show. The studio however, will not be responsible for any costume items lost or stolen after costumes have been sent home. In addition to costumes, the students are responsible for supplying their own dance shoes, tights, undergarments, hair accessories and make-up.

The costume down payment is between $65 – $85 depending on the age of the student per class and is payable to Harbour Dance Studios Inc.

  • Competitive Groups, solos and due – Costume fees are due by October 15th
  • Year-End Groups – Costume fees are due January 15th

Costumes and/or fabric will be ordered in November/January.  This deposit enables us to make these purchases on your behalf. Costume deposits are not refunded if notice is not given or the costumes and/or fabric have already been purchased. Costumes will be not be given out unless full payment is received. No exceptions. Costume deposits that are not paid for may result in costumes or fabric not being ordered and/or purchased. All costumes must be paid for before they can be worn at rehearsal.

Cancellation Policy

If a student wishes to withdraw from classes written notice must be brought into the office one full calendar month prior to cancelling classes. No exceptions. Once notice is received, one months fees will be withheld and the remainder of fees will not be processed Costume deposits will be refunded if a student withdraws prior to the costumes and/or fabric being purchased. There will be no refunds on partially attended months.

There will be no refunds after February 1st. If personal financial difficulties arise during the year, please contact Stacey directly to make payment arrangements.

Class Attendance

Please make every effort to attend all regularly scheduled classes. When you miss lessons you fall behind and make it difficult for the group to progress. If you miss several classes for health or personal reasons a private lesson with the teacher may be advised. Charges for the instructor’s time may apply. Please be punctual (ideally early) for all classes and rehearsals. It is very disruptive to the class if a student is late. There are no refunds for any missed classes, but there are frequently opportunities to make up classes.


Please call the studio and leave us a message if your child will be away. If you have upcoming dates or holidays where you will be away please send us an email and inform us.

Food in the Studio

Absolutely no food, gum or candy in class.  You may eat other foods in the lobby or change rooms (as long as you don’t make a mess). Please recycle using the bins by the washroom / senior change room.  We do have a vending machine downstairs for those that need snacks or drinks.

The studio is NUT FREE due to so many allergies.  

Watch Week

Watch weeks are scheduled during November and April.  Watch weeks will be done by ZOOM and in person.  This will allow parents who are also working to log in and see what’s happening in classes.


Dressing rooms are to be kept neat and tidy, please use hooks and cubbies provided. No outside footwear allowed in the dance studios. No tapping in the lobby or dressing room areas. Students must pick up their garbage and care for their dressing rooms.

Student Behaviour

We will try to handle all conflicts within the studio. If this fails, a call will be made to the parent and a meeting will be arranged. We expect that all students will be on their best behaviour in class and will be respectful of other dancers within the school, the teachers, the premises, and the other tenants that occupy the building. When student are performing outside the studio we expect them to be on their best behaviour, to be courteous to competitors, other teachers, and members of the general public.

Students and / or parents who repeatedly disrupt classes, who conduct themselves in a manner that the studio ownership deems to be objectionable, or who cause reputational damage to the studio will be expelled from the studio.

Group Festival Competition

Competition will be at the discretion of the teachers and will be discussed thoroughly with the parents and students prior to entry. All group choreography will be taught inside of the regular class time. At the teachers’ discretion, extra lessons may be required if a group is having difficultly or if a little more preparation time is required. The teachers will inform the parents and students if this is required. Extra fees may be required.

For groups that are entered into competition there will be a charge for teachers fees to cover their travel and accommodation expenses as well as partial wages.  The teachers work hard for the dancers at competition and the dancers need the teachers there with them to help get them ready and for support.

Special Festival Choreography

Students who are interested in learning a solo, duo, or trio for competition must take at least one ballet lesson per week at Harbour Dance Studios. Only Hip Hop and Tap students may enter a solo, duo, or trio without taking ballet. Parents/students should talk directly to the instructor regarding festival choreography. All choreography fees will be due and payable to the instructor on the first lesson. The students and parents are responsible for their own costume and/or fabric required. If you do not have a seamstress to sew for you let us know and we can find one for you.

For all solos, duos and trios that enter into competition there will be a charge for teachers fees to cover their travel and accommodation expenses as well as partial wages.  The teachers work hard for the dancers at competition and the dancers need the teachers there with them to help get them ready and for support.


There are several annual competitions that are available for our dancers to compete in. All competition groups, solos, and duos are entered and adjudicated for marks. Our focus will not put on the marks or on the placing, but how well the group performed and if they tried their best. Any students participating in competition are required to attend all extra rehearsals and lessons and full attendance in their regular classes are mandatory.

Please see Events/Competitions for detailed information.

Classes in the studio are affected with dancers and teachers at competitions.  We will send out detailed information about cancellations, make-up classes etc. once the competition schedule becomes available.  This will be different for all competitions.   Emails will be sent out to keep you informed.

Competition fees will be spread out to keep it convenient and affordably for our families.  Fees will  be due in November, December and January.

Workshops and Conventions

We encourage our dancers to attend workshops both in and out of town. Workshops will help to expand your child’s awareness of this art form and gives them the opportunity to work with other teachers/choreographers and meet new dancers from all over the place. Harbour Dance Studios. hosts summer dance camps in July and August and we look forward to seeing our students there. The studio also hosts workshops throughout the year. Please read the notice board in the lobby and check your emails to find out what is coming up.


All students in Ballet, Tap and Jazz have the opportunity to prepare for and take an exam. The examinations are conducted by the Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D) for Ballet and the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (C.D.T.A.) for Tap and Jazz. Notices will be sent out when the dates are confirmed.

Exams can be a great experience and are very useful guide to both parents and students. If they pass they receive a report sheet from the Examiner, a certificate with their mark, and a medal (depending on the level). In the higher exam levels the students will be able to achieve high school credits in ballet, jazz, and tap towards their education. Exams are optional but highly recommended! Extra classes, fees, and specific attire are required for students taking exams. More information will be sent home regarding this. All students wishing to take exams must be enrolled full time at Harbour Dance Studios Inc.

Year-End Show

The year-end show gives all the students in the school the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a large audience. The show is held mid-June at the Port Theatre and tickets will be sold through the Port Theatre starting at the beginning of May.

Each class in the studio has a number to perform in the show and it is rehearsed in regular class time. There will be extra rehearsals in the studio the week of the show and a dress rehearsal at the Port Theatre.  Students will need to miss their regular school on this day on the dress rehearsal day. Students are also welcome to participate in the show’s big finale!  Finale rehearsals start at the beginning of May  Details will appear in the lobby by mid-April. There are extra rehearsals for finale. Dancing on stage is a unique experience that helps to build confidence and allow the parents to see their children dance in a professional venue. The Port Theatre is an incredible, but unfortunately, expensive venue. The fees charged by the Port Theatre account for the majority of the ticket price for this production.


If a student is caught stealing they will be immediately expelled from the school. Refunds will apply as outlined above. If a parent is caught stealing they will be banned from the school and turned away from any school productions.


Any possession of illegal drugs or impairment by illegal drugs on the school premises will result in the immediate expulsion of the student. Refunds will apply as outlined above. If a parent is impaired by illegal drugs on school premises they will be banned from the studio and any studio productions. If a parent is found in possession of illegal drugs on the studio premises the RCMP will be called and Harbour Dance Studios Inc. will press charges as we assume the parent is trying to sell the drugs on our premises.


If a minor student is impaired by alcohol or in possession of alcohol on the studio premises they will be dismissed from the school. Refunds will apply as outlined above. If a parent shows up to pick up their child and is impaired by alcohol, they and their child will be placed in a cab and sent home. If a student of the age of majority comes to class impaired by alcohol they will be placed in a cab and sent home.