Year End Show 2024

Our Year-End Show preparations are busy and full of excitement!!


In Studio Photos – Thursday June 6th & Friday June 7th.

Schedules will be available in May


Monday June 10th

  • Finale Rehearsal 4-6pm
  • Opening Number Rehearsal 6-7pm

Tuesday June 11th – Dress Rehearsals – Held at the Studio


Wednesday June 12th – Dress Rehearsals – Held at the Studio

We will be using studio A, studio C and all the change rooms for changing areas.  All students will need to be signed in and out at rehearsal as it gets quite busy and we need to know where everyone is always.

Thursday June 13th – TBA


Friday June 14th – Full Dress/Tech Rehearsal – Held at the Port Theatre

  • Dancers will need to miss school on this day
  • We will run our show entirely from start to finish including Finale in order so the dancers with multiple changes can practice their costume changes and so that the students and the dressing room/backstage helpers can get familiar with the order in which the students perform.
  • This rehearsal is mandatory for all dancers.  We have the Port Theatre crew set the lights and the students get to practice running on and off using the wings etc.
  • Full Hair, Make-up and Costumes needed.  Photos will be taken on this day by a hired photographer.  The photos take on this day are the ones that live on our studio walls.
  • A full breakdown of times will be available in May.
  • Students can use the dressing rooms for tech day, and you are welcome to leave all of your dance costume/belongings there overnight.Please keep the dressing rooms tidy!
  • Our Tech Rehearsal is closed to everyone other than the teachers! We don’t want to spoil the surprise.
  • Please do not leave any money or valuables in the dressing rooms.
  • Harbour Dance Studios will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, money or items left behind.


Saturday June 15th – Year End Show – Held at the Port Theatre

“All As One”


  • 2pm show

  • 630pm Show

Hair and Make-up Details

Since the show is very busy there is no time to change the hair and or the make-up colors.

  • Hair – will be in a mid-height ballet bun (back of the head) with a CENTRE part.
  • No Bangs or wispie hairs. Hairnets are required.  Please use gel and hairspray.
  • Make-Up – brown eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara, blush and red/pink lipstick. Students will need to provide their own make-up.  If you cannot get all the make-up on your little ones do not worry, it is ok.
  • Older students from Grade 3 and up will wear fake eyelashes and rhinestone earrings.
  • The Harbour Dance Shop has everything you need. We even have hair kits already prepared for you with hair nets, bobby pins, hair pins, elastics, hairspray.  Come see us!

 All students will wear the same make-up and hairstyle unless specified by their teacher. 

Our Hair Tutorial


Make-up Tutorial

If you have any questions, please ask the students teacher directly.


Year-End Show Rules

  • All dancers must be dropped off and picked up by the stage door only located on Museum Way. Please do not park in the loading bay; parking is available in the parkade.
  • Have your child at the dressing room at least 1 hour prior to show time with hair and make-up done.
  • Kynan and Merrick will be our security guards backstage and keep eyes on everything.
  • All parents must SIGN IN their child at the backstage entrance door when arriving and SIGN OUT their child when leaving. No Exceptions!
  • Carry your child’s costume to the theatre on a hanger and cover it in the event of rain.
  • We encourage the parents to put all the students costume parts, dance shoes and hair/makeup accessories in a bin and label it with their name. This will help to keep all items in one spot
  • Leave your child’s street clothes in a bag.  Attach the child’s name on top of the bag for easy identification.  Paper & pen will be available in the dressing room.  Dressing room helpers will help change your child from costume to street clothes after performing.
  • Assist your child with dressing, makeup/other before taking your seat in the theatre.
  • Please provide your child with 1) drinking water 2) a simple snack (fruit bar or similar) 3) A quiet activity e.g. books/crayons. Please no felt markers or items that can stain or leave a mess.  EATING in costume or in dressing rooms is not allowed so please remind your child that he/she may eat the snack AFTER they have performed and changed into their street clothes.

At Intermission

  • Parents can come and get their dancer to come into the audience with them if they are done dancing or vice versa, they can bring them backstage top dance in the 2nd
  • All dancers watching in the audience will need to purchase a ticket.
  • Absolutely NO costumes are allowed in the audience or out in the foyer!!
  • If you need to take your child home/other before or at intermission, please inform the dressing room helper and they must be signed out.
  • The show is always fantastic, and we encourage everyone to stay until the end not just until your dancer is finished performing.The audience is what helps to bring the energy to the dancers on stage, and it is disappointing to many empty seats as the show goes on.

Year-end show Tickets will go on sale in May.